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Flexibility, Contortion & Handstands

All bookings subject to the Terms & Conditions

I work with students all over the world of all levels, from the complete beginners to advanced, from 12 years to adult. Whether you are just beginning your journey, are an advanced bender or balancer with a specific goal in mind or wish to cross train to improve your mobility for other disciplines such as aerial, pole or dance, private coaching is a great way to maximise your improvement safely and effectively. 

Why is it important to have a coach?

Don’t spend time guessing how to achieve the skills you desire. An experienced coach, such as myself, will be able to set up a training plan specific to your body to help you achieve your goals safer and faster. This includes being able to break down the skill into smaller goals, explain what is required to achieve the skill, and highlight any weaker areas or imbalances that need training to support the skills safely. Class will also include a warm up, cool down, and conditioning exercises specific to the type of skills being worked on in that training session. All classes are held live via Zoom as real-time feedback during and following the execution of skills is highly important for safe and sustainable progress.

Class Structure

Training classes begin with an efficient and targeted warm up, strength and stretching with an emphasis on understanding the function of each exercise or drill for optimum improvement and at home training, followed by a focus on specific skills appropriate for the level, goals and needs of the student! Class finishes with strength based exercises to support the body and finally, a cool down.

For act creation classes, students are required to warm up prior to the session, with drills and exercises incorporated throughout to enhance skills, performance ability and style.


One off training session (1 hour) - £42
Block of 5 x 1 hour training sessions* - £200

Payment via Paypal

*7 week expiry from date of invoice

Payment required prior to the first class.

*All classes subject to terms & conditions


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