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online contortion flexibility class


Class Times:

Mondays 8-9pm GMT (UK & Ireland)

Mondays 9-10 Central Europe

Mondays 12-1pm USA (Pacific Time)

Mondays 2-3pm USA (Central Time)

Mondays 3-4pm USA (Eastern Time)

Class Description: Online Contortion Class

A chance to take your flexibility to a new level. Focusing on developing flexibility, balance, strength and muscle control using safe techniques to perform impressive contortion movements and poses including elbow stands and libras, chest stands and triple folds, contortion hand balances, split and bridge variations and many more exciting contortion sequences! Multi-level training with progressions available to suit each individual student.16-Adult. All classes held via Zoom. £10 per class. Max 6 students.


Handstand to wall and push up into bridge. 2-3 yoga blocks suggested but not essential.

All bookings subject to the Terms & Conditions

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