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Class Description

Ever wondered how to start learning these amazing and flexible poses?

This 4-week “Bendy Beginnings” online workshop is designed to set you up for success and help you reach your flexibility and contortion goals by understanding how to get the most out of your training!

Each class starts with a strength based warm up followed by a specific focus area each week.


Running on:

Mondays 6-7pm AEST.

Mondays 8-9am GMT.

Week 1 (May 9th) – Hips and legs

Week 2 (May 16th) – Shoulders and back

Week 3 (May 23rd) – Balances

Week 4 (May 30th) – Understand your specific strength and weaknesses to develop your own targeted training plan

This course is designed for all levels as it is aimed at developing greater understanding and awareness of your body and learn tips and tricks to enhance physical and mental resilience – total beginners welcome as well as more advanced contortionists. The stronger your foundation, the stronger your fancy skills!

Suitable for ages 14 to adult (younger by application only). No pre-requisites. $80 per person. All online workshops and classes held via Zoom.



Booking Link

flexibility workshop
splits workshop
online contortion workshop

New Student?

All new students are required to complete the injury release waiver prior to their first class!

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